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Writer Realities

I want to be a writer.

How many people have uttered those words? Off-hand, I'd say thousands upon thousands. And why wouldn't they? Writing is easy… or is it?

Yes, anyone can write a novel. Will it be good? Who knows? Trust me, every beautiful rose has its hidden thorns.

Here are some realities and myth-busters.

  • Writing is not easy.
  • Family histories and/or biographies are boring to most people.
    • Okay, the caveat — to the immediate family it is exciting!
  • A truly well-written book takes years to write — NOT!
  • A truly well-written book can be written in 30 days or less — probably not.
  • My book is going to be a blockbuster — NOT!
  • I can do this as a living, full-time — probably not!
  • If you don't read, don't attempt to write. IOW, know your stuff!
  • Rejections are for poor writers - NOT!

So, exactly what does all that above crap mean? Yeah, I called it crap. Why? Simple.

Please don't get the idea that writing is impossible. It's not… BUT, writing is not a simple matter of sitting at a laptop (or typewriter) and simply typing a story from start to end. One must learn the craft. Yes, writing is a craft. Some may consider it a hobby, but a real writer considers the talent to write an engaging story a skill. A person doesn't stroll into the barn and know how to blacksmith and shoe a horse. That person must first learn to be an intern. Don't expect to sit at a keyboard and know how to compose a story.

By the way, did I mention research? Almost every story will involve research. Today's readers are intelligent people who have access to many obscure pieces of information via the internet. In 1930, even 1950, a writer could 'blue-sky' their way to completion of a tale, creating their own science. Today? No way. Even young adults know when somebody is trying to pull the wool over their eyes when reading a story.

So, in final retrospect, know your audience, know your story, know your facts, know your skill. It is a combination of all those aspects that will allow you to write.

Smell the roses, beware the thorns. Happy writing.

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