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The number one necessity for an author in today’s publishing market is a website. Oftentimes, a reader will finish a book and immediately search for the author online, looking for their website to see what else they have written and what they are working on. Your webpage can be simple or complex, it all depends on your own ability at webpage programming, the time you can commit, or the amount of money you are able to pay someone else to make a page for you.

The most important information to have on your site is your works. The website is about selling your books to readers and everything you write should be included. You should also include a bio, probably one that is more detailed than the bio you use for books. You also want to have a blog, which we will discuss later, and ways for people to contact you. Oftentimes if you have a website, you can set up an email through that website. If not, create a new email address through any of the regular free email providers you will use only for keeping in touch with your fans. You will also want to link your webpage to your Twitter, Goodreads and Facebook accounts. One thing you should be sure to do, is have a link from your works to whatever outlets are selling them, so that if a person likes your blurb for your book, they click the link and go to Amazon or the publisher's site so they can buy the book.

Most authors include all this information on their pages, but there is one more item which should be included on your website. A 'works-in-progress' page. If your readers know you are working on something, and you give occasional updates on the progress, they will come back to your page to get more details. If you include a release schedule for your books since they have been watching the progress, they will be waiting for that day and will buy your book.

The first thing you need to do to set up a website is find a webhost. There are many out there at a variety of prices. May I suggest,,, or There are many out there, and a search "webhost providers" will give you many possibilities to review. Just be sure to verify what you are getting – some providers place web ads on your pages which can cheapen your appearance.

Next you need to build your website. You can do this with simple graphics, including your book covers, or if you are talented at graphic design, know someone who is, or are willing to pay the price for a professional, you can fill your page with outstanding graphics, the choice is yours. Simple is the way to go unless you have an artistic eye. Remember, flashy graphics can catch a person’s interest, but the most important thing on the page is the content. Three things to avoid like the plague – colorful flashing text, fancy cursors and uncontrollable music or sounds.

As for the actual building of said site, there are many different options. You can find website builders who require you to know how to use code, or ones who simply allow you to place what you want, where you want it. A quick search of the internet will show you software which allows you to create web pages; some may be free, some reasonable, some expensive.

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