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What Makes A Good Writer?

What makes a good writer? A good story? A good plot? Great dialog? Timing? Exactly what is it?

All of the above are possibilities. Strangely, good spelling should be on that list. Why? Simple.

The pale sit in the middle of the for foot bye ate foot area. Open two the knight, the do glistened like to ore moor diamonds as they fell their two the flower coated floor.

Yes, a terrible story and even worse spelling. You should be able to find at least THIRTEEN errors above.

The pale pail sit in the middle of the for four foot bye by ate eight foot area. Open two to the knight, night, the do dew glistened like to two ore or moor more diamonds as they fell their there two to the flower flour coated floor.

I enjoy reading but I hate finding incorrect spellings for words. We all know those words, the homophones. They sound alike but are spelled differently.

Everyone is familiar with homonyms - those words that are spelled the same but have different meanings like:

The dictionary is full of them, as is our language. Then there are the homophones. Those are what I used above and they are the most notorious beasts of the spelling dilemma.

You, as a writer, must use the correctly spelled word or your tale of wonder may become just that -- a tale of wonder.

The pail of the night.

If you meant "pale" which signifies colorless, then yes, it can add a depth of darkness or fear. But, you used "pail" which indicates something totally different such as a "relief" station for the bladder or...

There is a difference between "rein," "rain," and "reign." To write "His rain of terror..." really makes the reader question exactly what image you are attempting to project. Making sure you use the correct spelling will increase the chances your reader will enjoy the story even more rather than questioning the meaning or laughing at the image the incorrect spelling brought to mind.

A good writer knows how to spell. If in doubt, look it up.

It's your tern, do with it as you see fit.

Actually, I meant, it is your TURN, do with it as you fit. Although, if you truly do own a tern, it is yours and you may do with it as you wish.

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