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The #1 Writing Tip

Everyone, including their brothers, seem to know all the how-to write suggestions. Even I attempt to offer feeble excerpts to assist a new writer. But the truth be told, writing tip after writing tip, there is none better than the #1 writing tip.

Let's look at some of the suggested writing tips

Strong First Sentence and/or Paragraph
Sure, that's always a great tip. You want to grab the reader's attention and force them to read your story to continue to the end of your tale.

Write What You Know
Another great piece of advice. If you've never been to the jungles of Brazil, to write about it with any authority can be difficult. Imagine trying to describe a scanty uluri apparel to a non-Brazilian person. Or the flick of pink as a pirarucu curls in the Amazon River. But that house you lived in for the first eighteen years of your life you know each and every corner and how the shadows fall. You know which boards creak and which boards moan. I bet you can even smell the mustiness of the basement.

Know Your Character
If you don't know your characters, then who does? The reader only knows what you impart and reveal. Oh sure, we all know he is six-foot, has dreamy blue eyes, short, blonde hair and likes to leave the top button open to show off his muscular chest. Yes, she is the perfect brunette, cheerleader body and just so perky it can be nauseatingly sickening. Or the bookworm nerd with glasses. But what else details that character to us? His outlook on life? Her occupation? His ability to handle situations. As a writer, you move beyond the physical details to get the reader to know the character and to join the trials and tribuations you create.

Avoid Useless Words and Know How to Use "Said"
I know I have expounded on useless words and batted most of my readers' ears with how to use "said" in sentences.

Develop A Thick Skin (Hide)
Many authors will state to be a good writer, one must first develop a thick skin, a bulletproof hide, to protect the weary writer within. I had an author tell me he had issues when writing. He hated to have anyone edit his work because, well, they tore up his baby and it hurt. Tell you what: Suck it up, buttercup! I don't buy into that 'thin skin' bullcrap. You sit down and write then you clean it up and then you clean it up again THEN, maybe, just maybe, you can submit it for professional editing. If you've written anything good, an editor will make it better.

But what is that #1 writing tip? What can it be?

To cut to the chase

Sit Your Ass Down and Write!

If you were looking for some awe-inspiring, prophetic guru type "answer to world peace" uh, wrong place.

You want to write? Sit down and write!

You want to be a writer? Sit down, write, edit and submit!!

The #1 writing tip is not some esoteric mumble-jumble. It is simple. Get over yourself, sit down and write. How much less complicated can it be?

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