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Sailing The 7 C's - Lesson 1 of 7

What are the Seven Seas? In the days of Ulysses, Caesar and Sinbad they were the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, Black Sea, Adriatic Sea, Caspian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Today, we have the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Antarctic Ocean.

WAIT A MINUTE!! Wrong! I said "C's" not seas!

Over the next seven writing tips, join me in my writer's rowboat as I navigate the 7 C's of writing. Exactly what are they?

So, let's start at the beginning and shove off from shore and set sail in the first sea CONCEPT.

This is the idea that starts the whole process. It is the smallest and calmest sea that you will sail in your journey to write a story. There is a spark of imagination and suddenly a story comes into existence within your mind. Placing the idea for your story on paper will help you discover the size and scope of the project. It can be a simple sentence that says "Create goddess legend with tiger using India as a model for locale." For "Sea of Regret" my concept was a simple sentence: A young man, shipwrecked at sea, ponders regret. I wasn't exactly sure where the story would go but the vision was there and I had to follow. I knew this was to be a short story. It takes a little experience to know whether or not the idea can be expanded from a short story to create a novella or even larger to novel size. Your plot will make this decision, although "Man searches for the Ark of the Covenant during Nazi reign." definitely screams novel, it could be super condensed and be a short story.

As any sailor will tell you, there are different styles of sailing.

One of the best ways to address either method for sailing this first sea, is to use a notebook (electronic or paper) and/or have a small recorder. Be sure to record thoughts, sketches, and incidents as you think of them. ALWAYS carry pen & paper with you ALL the time!

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