To Touch the Wind

by Robert Nailor

Have you touched the wind?
It's caressed your skin, rustled your hair.
But have you touched the wind?
I watched the wind skim across the lake,

Tickling the surface in a dance.
Goose bumps formed of water.
Trees sway to its secret rhythm.
Green leaves whispering a sacred song
To show us the wind's passage.

The rain falls gently to the ground.
Unless the wind drives it with a vengeance,
Or forces a silvery sheeting of water

The leaves of autumn sleep silently on the lawn,
Until they are whirled once again into the air.
A tumultuous vortex to finally rest elsewhere.

A waft of fresh mown grass, perhaps baked bread,
Tantalizes the senses and makes us remember.
Another time, another place.

Have you touched the wind?
It has touched you