"After using several other proofreaders and line editors for my romance novels, I still didn't feel they were as clean or crisp as they could be. After working with Bob Nailor, I don't have any doubts that I've put the best possible manuscript out for my readership. Bob doesn't just clean up errors; he notices the author's weak points and strives to teach (with humor, no less!) so less correction is needed later. I consider working with Bob Nailor to be an indispensable step in releasing a new book." -- Hope Denney. Author of the Orchard Rest Historical Southern Fiction series.

"The editing work Bob Nailor has done for 23 House has been first class all the way. We constantly call on Bob to consult on our various projects - he always provides solid, professional editing." -- Mitchel Whitington, Senior Editor, 23 House Publishing

"Bob Nailor did a wonderful job as an editor. He gave me exactly the feedback I wanted and my writing needed. He was prompt, easy to work with, and offered wonderful suggestions for improving the work. I highly recommend him as an editor." -- Jean Wise, Christian Author of devotional journals

"When I came to Bob with my first novel, The Awakening, I was clueless. With his guidance and ready advice, I was able to complete my novel. His editing and help with flow and wording was a life-saver. I canít thank him enough." -- Michael Timmins, author of the "Lycan Wars" series

"Bob Nailor is a talented editor dedicated to the craft. Highly recommended." -- David E. Hilton, author of "The Kings of Colorado" published by Simon & Schuster.

"I have had the opportunity to co-edit a novel with Bob and he has proven to be an incredible editor. He has also edited some of my short stories. His great attention to detail and the unique ability to edit work by an author without changing their literary voice is very important. The author's words shine through, each time, but once Bob has worked through the piece, it's now grammatically correct, the cadence of the words flow smoothly and the story moves along at a fantastic pace." -- Elyse Salpeter, co-editor of "Nights of Blood 2" and author of "The Flying" series, "The Kelsey Porter" series, "The Children of Demilee" series and several other novels.

"Bob Nailor is an excellent editor. I honestly don't know what I would do without his expertise. Because of his editing style, my novels become what I dream of and so much better. Bob is an editor I highly recommend. I am looking forward to working with him on future projects." -- Darla Lark, Author of "The Psychopath's Prisoner."

"Bob Nailor is a skilled, conscientious, and generous editor--one I highly recommend." -- Denise Vitola, Best Selling Author of the Ty Merrick Mystery Series

"Even though I'm a published author and an editor myself, when I submit a work for consideration it has to be far and above what anyone else is sending in. Bob's editing gives me the edge, whether it's a short story or a full-blown novel. I may be giving away my secret weapon here, but Bob Nailor's eyes on a manuscript makes an incredible difference. His editing has changed my game!" -- Samantha Murphy, author and editor

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