Some Music I've Written...

Quick Note: For some reason - at least on my laptop - it wants to use two seperate set of speakers. I disable the program speaker on the screen display and use the speaker(s) on my laptop. That way I don't get an echoing effect. You may have to do something like that - just saying.

Each song will open in its own new window.

And I Love You ~ slightly jazz
Arabian Sands ~ roaming the desert sands
Before the Gods ~ brash, rough, when the Titans ruled
Blue ~ a depiction of Neptune
Ceremonial Echoes ~ a celebration
Child Within ~ as we mature, we tend to complicate things
Cosmic Dancer ~ join with the free spirit to travel in space
Earth Winds ~ listen to the sounds as the wind travels the earth
Hummingbird ~ quick and fast, like the planet Mercury around the sun
Ice Echoes ~ the lure of an ice cavern... and more
Ireland Down Under ~ when Ireland and then Australian outback meet
Man About Town ~ a catchy tune with a traveler
Mars Beat ~ to honor the planet Mars
Moon Echoes ~ the mystical moon draws you in
Night Echoes ~ listen to the night's sounds
Solaris ~ all about the sun
Starlight Echoes ~ if you listen, you can hear the stars
Sunday Afternoon ~ that lazy, hazy time, relax, enjoy
Sunrise Echoes ~ the morning begins
The Ocean ~ just the ocean waves, winds and birds, no music
The Storm ~ Lightning and raindrops, smell the air
Twilight Spin ~ Enjoy the early evening
Violet's Song ~ for my wife, Violet - no banging drums
Winter Echoes ~ listen to the snow echo
Within The Rings ~ to honor the planet Saturn
Yule Echoes ~ it is soltice, a celebration

The above music is a collection of some of the stuff I've created. I don't claim it to be professional by any means. I played with two separate programs called "Acid" and "Fruity Loops" to weave the sounds together to my liking. These recordings are at least 10 years old. You'll notice many that seem "planet" or "echo" themed — there is a reason. Those were albums I created and gave away to family, friends and co-workers who endured my efforts. In all, I did three CDs.

I hope you enjoyed the music. If you want, drop me a line telling me what you thought - Contact me.

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