The Emporium Gazette
Issue 33 -- January 2002

Poetry World ~ Where to Sell Poetry
by Bob Nailor

Let's start things with a clean slate. Many times I've stated that it's difficult to get your poetry published unless you decide to use a vanity press. Okay, I sort of fibbed. There are quite a few places that publish poetry, the question is: Does yours measure up?

I'm going to attempt to help you find those publishers and agents necessary to get in print. Remember, these are places that I found while surfing the web. I don't know anything about them and will tell your right up front: Be careful.

A list of 20+ places to check.

A list of 20+ places to check.

A ring for professional(?) poets

A guide for poets...useful little tidbit

Of course, another great way to get into print is to create a web page for yourself and display some of your work. Just like a fisherman in the stream, sooner of later, that fish will come. Agents and publishers do spend time on the internet and they might stumble upon your page. Of course, this is the slower of methods and what I call the "passive" mode.

Now if you'd like to be pro-active; just use your favorite browser and search engine. Try some of these combinations: "poetry agents" "poetry publishers" "publishers of poetry" "agents for poets" "agents" "publishers" (those last two should get a lot of hits but you'll need to weed through them!)

Good luck and happy publishing.

Bob Nailor is author of "The Secret Voice," an Amish-Christian story, "Pangaea, Eden Lost," an adventure story, "Three Steps: The Journeys of Ayrold," a Celtic fantasy, and "2012: Timeline Apocalypse," an end-of-time tale. He is also included in several anthologies and collections. Check his website at

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