The Emporium Gazette
Issue 60 -- April 2004

Poetry World ~ Limericks and Poems
by Bob Nailor

April is poetry month and what could seem more appropriate? In the northern hemisphere, it is the beginning of Spring and as most people know, man can wax poetic in the spring. Yes, in February we have Sweetheart's Day and men give their loved ones some trinket of their undying love and may even spout a poem or two. Ah, but Spring? The ancient powers kick in and man begins to woo his maiden.

April Fools!

I really didn't want to discuss that so let me expound on the diversity of poetry and its many genres. Man is a fickled creature and needs variety, hence the many poetic types.

Genres? One doesn't normally think of poetry with a genre but if you look closely, it is there. Most people will just say "Poetry is poetry" and let it pass, but for the afficionado, poetry goes much, much deeper. It is a philosophy.

Everyone recognizes love poems. There you have romance genre. Limericks? Humor genre. There are poems that will haunt you for many nights after reading them. Yes, the horror genre. There is poetry for children, older children aka teens, seniors, and even pets.

Each of those poems fall into a genre. With that said, there are newer genres appearing every day in poetry as the poet pushes the limits. Cowboy poetry. Black poetry. Rap poetry. Military poetry. Nature poetry. Sexual Poetry. Factory poetry. Office poetry. The list is expanding every moment as new poems are written.

I have elaborated in previous issues of Emporium Gazette about some of the different genres that were described above. In future issues, I, or others, will detail aspects of specific genres which are their field of expertise.

This being Poetry Month I offer you a challenge. Find three words in this article and create a poem; be it long or short.

When writing poetry
A good philosophy
Expound what you know
With visuals to show
Your shameless humility

Okay, that was my attempt. Give it a whirl... afterall, it IS April; Spring is the time for a newness and renewness.

Bob Nailor is author of "The Secret Voice," an Amish-Christian story, "Pangaea, Eden Lost," an adventure story, "Three Steps: The Journeys of Ayrold," a Celtic fantasy, and "2012: Timeline Apocalypse," an end-of-time tale. He is also included in several anthologies and collections. Check his website at

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