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The year is 1541 and the conquistadors are marauding South America in search of many things: cinnamon, gold, jewels and more. Ejup Mikic is a vampire. He bides his time as he works his way through the lush overgrowth. He can hear and see the natives in the deep shadows. They attack.

When Ejup reveals his true identity to these beautiful women, he discovers they have been waiting for him. He is taken to the lost city, the city of white and gold; to El Dorado where he establishes his kingdom. The tribe of Amazons disappear and become legend.

Ana wants to learn the deep secrets of a lost people. Each time she works with such a group, at the last minute she is pulled away and the final glory is given to another. For once in her life she would like to be left alone, to go feral and become one of the tribe, no matter what the cost.

The Amazon jungle holds many secrets and when unlawful lumbering reveals geoglyphs under the canopy of lush growth, Ana is called to search out a tribe of legend: a race of white women who use gold arrows.

Ana leads the group of two other scientists and a collection of students, two males and three females, into the jungles of Brazil, into the lush growth of the Amazon. Life is not without its surprises and dangers.

When Ana is called by the Queen of the Amazons, she feels she has finally come full circle and her desire to become one with a tribe is close at hand.

As we are taught as children -- be careful what you wish for.

This is a story of love, hate, adventure, horror, intrigue and religious fanatacism.

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