Some Digital Art I've Attempted...

Click on any image to see a larger "vision" of the image...

~ My idea of how Mars would appear to John Carter

~ The birth of a planet

~ Baptism

~ A fairy's home among the mushrooms

~ A sole dolphin dancing in the surf

~ The firmaments

~ Three orbs in transit

~ An languishing, unfulfilled dream

~ Moonlight sonata with a rose

~ Reality Lost

~ When confronted with the conumdrums on the Road of Life

~ The mystic 'singing crystals' of the mountains

~ That last snowfall of Spring

~ Sun's home when it rests for the night

~ The last moments of existance for Whimsy

The above attempts at art is a collection of some of the stuff I've created. I don't claim it to be professional by any means. I played with programs called "Poser," "Bryce," and "Vue" to create these images.

I hope you enjoyed my feeble attempt at art. By the way, I'm much better working with oil, a much nicer medium.

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